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A while back news broke of the decision to bring back the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers show. Basically the show is being repacked as "new" and there's a new line of toys and everything to go with it. No one knew exactly what that meant as Bandai has kinda cheapened out on MMPR toys through the years. Well now some of the toys are showing up online and apparently they're taking this thing to a pretty cool level.

In addition to more accurate Ranger figures, Goldar, Alpha 5 (WITH ZORDON) and Putties are already in Series 1. Very cool. I could have seen myself picking up a collection of these, even though I've only ever bought Zedd figures in the past. Scale looks quite a bit off on the final product though. The female figures actually look really good, but the rest, meh, not so much. Shame too because this has a lot of potential. I think if they could make the heads to scale and up the articulation on Goldar and Alpha 5, we might be on to something. Maybe next time?

Check out this cool commercial that combines the new MMPR toys with whatever Rangers are the current Rangers. I'm also pretty sure this commercial is against some sort of laws since it shows the toys doing things that they actually can't do.

LinearRanger.com has a full review and that's where these pics come from. All credit to them.
So I found Wes Toy last night. Online that is. Boredom will lead you to do some strange things. I was visiting Scary Crayon and Wes over there jogged my memory that I once knew a Wes. Wes Toy despite what his name indicates was not a toy at all, he was a man. Or as JR in my dream once said, "I'm not a ball, I'm a man!" and truer words were never spoken by a dream apparition decapitated head I suppose.

Wes was an average guy, perhaps a bit of a redneck but overall a decent dude. Wes worked with me and my best friend Matt in a place that could simply be described as industrial hell. Mr. Toy wasn't particularly special and I doubt he remembers me, but I remember him more as a caricature than a real person. See Wes loved to say the catchphrase "Fuckin' A" to everything. He also always wore a little ball cap and on one instance he said the word doing, twice in a sentence. Forever my friend (who I cannot locate online) and I used to repeatedly say Wes' lines in a mocking voice.

This led to one day my buddy Matt sketching a picture of Wes on the locker room wall. It featured him, his little hat and his two main catchphrases, "Doing doing" and "Fuckin' A". It took months before Wes noticed and said, "Hey I think that's me."

We never copped to the picture, naturally. But last night I thought of you Wes Toy and I just wanted to let you know, indeed that was a picture of you. You were a pretty cool dude.
Have I ran out of stuff to blog about or just ran out of time?

I have a bunch of great ideas for Infinite Hollywood... Although most of them deal with toy reviews, but with a smattering of other stuff. Maybe I should refocus my blogs?
Well I took a few weeks off because of the busy holidays, but I'm back now. I'll have some totals of everything I watched X-Mas related soon.

Trying to get back to posting over at Infinite Hollywood as well.

Didn't win Poe Ghostal's Santa Spud contest, but I did win his regular Odds & Ends contest and am now the proud owner of a new Iron Man figure. GOOD TIMES!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I watched this last night and it never gets old. The cartoon is so perfect, it's explanation of Christmas is magical and not overly about Santa. It's about the SPIRIT of Christmas and yet doesn't mention a single religious thing. That's what makes the Grinch so special. That and the awesome work of Mr. Boris Karloff, who was a HUGE Christmas lover. Something I learned on Paul Harvey many years back.

Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa: This was amusing for a few reasons. It had the typical Muppets charm, but Pepe the King Prawn REALLY shined as he tends to do as ell as the big Bear. Not sure if the Bear has a name, but he totally stole the show in Muppets in Space and he darn near stole the show here too. Uma Thurman made a guest appearance and looks remarkable.

Food Network Christmas Party: Another thing my GF made me watch. Alton Brown and Giada Delaurentis were WAY too flirty. Somethings going on between those two. They were all over each other. You heard it here first.

I have more shows I plan on watching this weekend so I'll update this then.

In other Christmas related news, we were supposed to get 12 inches of snow... We didn't get any. I dunno how the weatherman can be THAT wrong. We did get a little freezing rain and maybe some more snow is on the horizon. We'll see. I want a white Christmas.
My other blog, http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/, went from getting around the same number of hits as this site to becoming the #1 response on Google for TMNT Brawl. All because I was able to get the scoop on the new TMNT video game + action figures.

All the hits haven't translated to posts, but hopefully they will translate into regular readers. I'm proud of the work I've been doing on these two blogs. I hope that I can continue to get readers and increase some sort of a fanbase here.

We shall see.

Christmas season is upon us again and I've been busy watching Christmas TV shows. Obviously this is a tradition that I'm not alone in, but I thought I'd share with you what I've watched so far. So I can have a list for next year of what I watched and if I plan on watching it each year. (There are certain shows/movies I try to watch every year...)

Scooby Doo's Christmas - This was made just a couple of years ago, but actually followed the Scooby Doo formula well. Some of the later Scooby shows have had "real" monsters and I was pleased to see that this one didn't. Wasn't hugely Christmas(y) or entertaining, but it wasn't bad either. A fun 30 minutes.

Muppet's Christmas Carol - Despite being a HUGE Muppet fan and a huge Christmas Carol fan, I'd never actually watched this all the way through. I'd seen over 90% in assorted sections, but finally sat down and watched it all this year. I really enjoyed it, particularly Michael Caine's turn as Scrooge.

Assorted Iron Chef America Christmas Battles - I loved the original Japanese Iron Chef, but seeing as how we don't get new episodes, I settle for the American version. These were alright, but not great.

Xtreme Christmas Cake Challenge - My GF likes cooking shows, so sue me! I didn't care too much for any of the cakes quite honestly. As per the norm with this show, the guy's cake who didn't fall apart pretty much won by default.

30 Rock Christmas Special - Pretty funny. 30 Rock is a great show. Not the best episode though.

Robot Chicken Christmas Specials 1 & 2 - Both were pretty hilarious. I'd seen the one with Composite Santa before, but I didn't recall the other. I loved the Misery take on Charlie Brown's Christmas. "Val Kilm-d-er is dead"

2 Christmas Episodes of That 70's Show - One was better than the other. Don't remember the names or themes, but the one where Red has to work late and Eric and Kelso chop down a state park tree is the better of the two.

King of the Hill Christmas - Underrated show. "Peppermint schnapps makes me sloppy."

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Star-Studded Christmas Spectacular - Nowhere near as funny as "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future" and wasn't really Christmas themed at all. Just clips from the movie, that didn't make the movie. Funny stuff though, but didn't jingle my bells any.

That's it so far, I think... I have a ton of stuff Netflixed and Tivoed for the next few days of Holiday viewing. I also went and saw a play of "A Christmas Story" yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. Some minor changes from the movie and it was painfully long at 2 1/2 hours, but it was nicely down and entertaining all the same.