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SNL's latest digital short by Andy Samberg is hilarious. Just Google "Jizz in my pants" and you'll probably find it. If not, you'll find something equally as interesting/disturbing.

I've decided I don't like the new layout of the Fwoosh. I thought I did, I tried to be nice and say I liked it. It sucks.

I cleaned out all the ashes from my fire place. It's now ready for new fires and more ashes. It's a vicious cycle. I think I should just get one of those fireplace DVDs and pretend to be warm instead.

Speaking of Ash, I really want an 3 3/4 Ash figure from Army of Darkness. They're pretty expensive. The best one is nearly impossible to find. I may look into making my own. I suck at customs, but I've seen some pretty cool ones using GI Joes.