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I've got a new article up about the lack of Einsteins in modern society over at Infinite Hollywood, because if anything says pop culture, it's ALBERT EINSTEIN BABY!

I didn't get much of anything that I was supposed to do yesterday done. I did get all my Christmas stuff together and ended up with a new (fake) tree, but didn't get any of it up. I did bowl and I did suck. My bowling skills have seriously depleted over time. I hope to get them back soon.

I'll begin decorating tonight I think. I did get some fire wood together, which wasn't on the list but is quite necessary. I shudder to think what the heating bill will be for this month. It's COLD out there.

Watched Groundhog Day last night and now I'm kicking myself for not buying Gremlins at Target when it was $3. I mean, how can you beat $3 Gremlins!

Speaking of Gremlins, there's a great commercial in the UK featuring them Here, that also features Peter Jones of "American Inventor" fame. I think I'll cover some of the latest Gremlin happenings in my next Infinite Hollywood post.