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Snowed pretty good last night. I couldn't sleep tonight again, starting to become a trend, no?

I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some overflow with this place and Infinite Hollywood. I can't decide if this place should contain some of my more random postings or if they technically could fit in on the Infinite Hollywood site. Clearly my rant on Uma Thurman could have. Still, that didn't really seem news worthy. But I guess Infinite Hollywood isn't really a news site, now is it? I'll probably move the Uma post.

I swear there was an owl hooting earlier. Just out of nowhere. Maybe it's like a snow owl or something. Be cooler if it was that robot owl from Clash of the Titans.

Busy day tomorrow, I'm putting up Christmas decorations, bowling and I have a TNA pay-per-view. I also have to write a TNA PPV preview column. I'll probably put that together now.

So much for sleep. Who needs it anyway? It's overrated.