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How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I watched this last night and it never gets old. The cartoon is so perfect, it's explanation of Christmas is magical and not overly about Santa. It's about the SPIRIT of Christmas and yet doesn't mention a single religious thing. That's what makes the Grinch so special. That and the awesome work of Mr. Boris Karloff, who was a HUGE Christmas lover. Something I learned on Paul Harvey many years back.

Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa: This was amusing for a few reasons. It had the typical Muppets charm, but Pepe the King Prawn REALLY shined as he tends to do as ell as the big Bear. Not sure if the Bear has a name, but he totally stole the show in Muppets in Space and he darn near stole the show here too. Uma Thurman made a guest appearance and looks remarkable.

Food Network Christmas Party: Another thing my GF made me watch. Alton Brown and Giada Delaurentis were WAY too flirty. Somethings going on between those two. They were all over each other. You heard it here first.

I have more shows I plan on watching this weekend so I'll update this then.

In other Christmas related news, we were supposed to get 12 inches of snow... We didn't get any. I dunno how the weatherman can be THAT wrong. We did get a little freezing rain and maybe some more snow is on the horizon. We'll see. I want a white Christmas.