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Over the course of several years I've tried numerous "blogs" with a varied amount of success. It's not necessarily that I don't like to write, but I tend to lose interest after a while. It could be that no one reads my blogs, which is why after several years of anonymity I've decided to attach this blog to my "Newton Gimmick" brand of entertainment. I'm a big fan of these blogs where people discuss a variety of things about life and I'm hoping that I'll be able to provide some of the same type of content. I'm not 100% sure what this actual blog will contain other than my daily musings, but I hope that it features enough goodies to keep people interested. Hopefully there isn't too much overflow from my Infinite Hollywood blog, which I've decided to relaunch as well.

So what's going to be the content of my first "official" post? Well how about a review of my desk?

As you can see, this is not the desk of a man who is neat and tidy. You can also see my love for two things, soda and sunflower seeds. I'm destroying my mouth one piece at a time. You may also notice the talking Yoda doll. Not really a big Star Wars fan, but I always liked Yoda. He's kind of like a Magic 8 Ball, if you turn him on he predicts the future and other such nonsense.

I used to have more trinkets and doodads on my desk, but I haven't gotten around to putting them back up. I moved a while ago and I suppose that's life for ya. Then again, I'm prepetually lazy. Something you'll hear about a lot in this blog. If it ever gets posted, because I'm, you know... Lazy.

You may also notice my swank new wireless laser mouse. Did you know up until about two months ago I didn't even know laser mice existed! I knew about laser cats (Thanks SNL!) but not laser mice. Go figure. I've since bought one and then got the fancy wireless model that includes some awesome extra buttons like the one that causes me to go "back" on IE when I didn't mean to. It's great for deleting posts that I've spent a long time writing on. Oh the joys of modern convenience.

I actually have no idea why Lysol is on my desk. Product placement?! Feel free to send me residuals, SC Johnson Wax. I know you're a family company, and I'm a family brand.

I hope to make it my goal to post at least one post per day. We'll see how that holds up. But hey, 1 day down!